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Clarity. High Impact. Visibility.

Thu. 9 Jun | 12pm ~ 5:30pm BST (London)

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About your host...

Jenny Kovacs, is the Visibility Specialist, known as the Queen of Being Seen, and is a well-regarded speaker, mentor, coach, trainer and businesswoman.

Jenny regularly appears on the BBC throughout the UK and speaks on the topic of professional visibility internationally.  The Visibility Activator System™, are the essential key pillars that show you ways to be visible, and how to raise your professional profile. 

Jenny’s trainings and talks have spanned well known corporations, brands, companies and have been delivered to 1000’s of clients worldwide, both in person and online.

   Who is this for?

This event whether you join live in-person in London or live virtually, Is designed for the modern, savvy and connection based business owner, who’s on a mission to share their message to many.

You’re either ready to or have been putting your work out there online and off-line.

Do you want to be even more visible and have more people understand what you do, so you’re likely to have decided to grow your audience, impact and income in a much bigger way this year.

You may be an introvert, wondering about new ways to compete in a sea of extroverts. You may be an extrovert (or ambivert), who’s happy to jump on screen or online but feels like you’ve evolved so your message needs to hit the mark to more people more often.

And when your message is already widely seen and heard, who do you turn to when you want to grow what you already know?

You’re astute enough to know that as you scale and evolve your business, the learning continues, and you understand that your professional development It’s not ‘one and done’

Are you ready to put your work out there and be seen?

What Will Happen At This LIVE Event?

Audience Attraction!

In Session One. We’ll uncover how to have people understand what you do without creating content 365 days of the year.

We’ll look at how best to have people understand you and what youdo for them so you feel more acknowledged than ignored and crystal clear.

Apart from the obvious financial costs of not having enough clients to do the work you do and the crisis in confidence that this creates in you, not knowing how to speak to your ideal client contributes to difficulty in creating content or content that converts!

Remember that good Visibility attracts the ideal people AND sells your services in a way that feels authentically you.

Business Build with Clarity. 

During Session Two we’ll have some mentoring & coaching specifiaclly designed for you to maximise your messaging, build your business and boost your visibility regardless of your audience size, so that you learn more effective and relavent ways to stand out on and off line (even away from social media).

Receive live coaching build a simple model to get your business out there instead of the current focus on becoming ‘Facebook famous’, an Insta Influencer or more leads on LinkedIn.

Discover how and where to share what you do for much more magnetic ways to have those you love working with both find and gravitate towards you. 

Create clearer credibility

In Session Three learn specifically HOW best to position what you offer in person, on the phone or on video online and offline so that you reach those who want to share your products and services.

I’ll also share what I’ve discovered during the last 22 months that if ignored does the opposite of having your work be visible. This segment maximises your visibility, regardless of your audience size. We’ll create the kind of credibility that has you stand out online and offline especially if you love the teaching and supporting part but not the social media part

Enjoy implementing powerful techniques so that you can do as YOU in a relatable and authentic way.

What’s Included?

Event Access…

Refreshments… Stationery… Insights…

Access to the

“Be More Visible” self-study course…

Visibility insights and expertise…

Coaching… Mentoring…

Refreshments… Stationery… Lunch… 

If you came to my home, there’s no way I’d send you to the local supermarket to buy your lunch, I’d understand if you couldn’t have dairy and even though I don’t personally drink caffeine, I’d make you great coffee or tea if you wanted one anyway, I’d make sure you got alternatives to traditional teas, water to drink and generally make a fuss of you.

So why oh why does anyone put up with curly dried sandwiches, or cocktail sausages on a stick? The venue also has an amazing arrange of soft drinks and cake *just saying*

Insights and a love of stationery.

What I don’t love is when an attendee tells me that they’re still “going through their notes” weeks, months and years after an event. I take this to mean that you haven’t achieved what you’d set out to achieve and this to me is heartbreaking because those people you want to help. work with and make a difference to, have usually gone on to find someone else but honestly… they’re rarely as great as you and what you do!

This day will feel different… A different approach… different outcomes… A different way to do business…


Outline your Professional Visibility Plan

Get full access to the The ABC of Being More Visible online mini course pre event and beyond the group VIP day.

The live London session is open to a maximum 5 of you so I can roll my sleeves up, connect with you and work with you as if you’re one of my private clients.

Which means we can;

~ Clarify your messaging

~ Create focussed visibility that ‘actually‘ works for YOU

Let’s pause the procrastination.

Saturday 2nd Apr 2022

As my clients and audience are based nationally AND internationally there are two options:

Option 1 is to attend live in London in person from 10am ~ 3pm GMT.

Option 2 is to attend live but virtually, online this will run from 11am – 4pm EST (that’s 4pm ~ 9pm GMT)

Got Questions?

Close to London Bridge Station UK

The venue is close to London Bridge Station

The exact location will be emailed to you within 24 hours of booking  and is in close walking distance from London Bridge main line and tube stations. 

Please check the same email used to pay as the info will be sent there!

You crave genuine connection 

You’ve seen visibility resources and support, online, on social media pages on YouTube and various other places and want to share your work more widely too, especially over the last couple of years is that you want to create authentic connections with your audience and clients too.

You’re the in person, in the flesh events and whilst there’s some trepidation for  about meeting in large groups this small group is an opportunity to mix with driven business owners who strive to serve more how ever they can within despite the current circumstances.

Google me, you’ll find some free stuff

This is a hosted event an safe space with my valuable insights and time poured into it. I’ve been paid thousands for some of what I’ll share with you. I’m unable to exchange for exposure and there are still costs in offering both sessions on this day in this way. You’ll get personalised attention (hence the low numbers admitted).

Will you give me some scripts so I know what to say?

No! I’ll actually do better than that! I’ll share with you some fantastic frameworks so that you can put your own words into what you want to say and confidently sound like you.
How does that sound?

Nor will it be streamed to social media

This event will NOT be recorded or made available to you if you’re not able to attend live. I have also commited not to sell recordings as I don’t think that provides the private space I’m creating for you. This brings much more personal and private benefit for your message.

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You are inches away from creating, launching & selling out your own million dollar offers.

Brace yourself, this will be FUN!

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