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Learn how to go past your own limits of being visible… in 5 simple steps

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Gift 1: Impact For Ambitious, Driven Professionals

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This interview helps you AND your work to be seen. 

Everything you need to know about being seen professionally live visibility with impact session

In this 35 minute interview we cover:

  • Stand Out visibility tips to implement IMMEDIATELY for maximum impact
  • Raise your professional profile for industry recognition

  • The secret ingredients to being visible, so you’re remembered and not overlooked

GIFT 2: Confidence On Camera The 12 Video Secrets

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Discover how to convey credibility on cameras that people understand you, know what you do and you feel acknowledged not ignored. 

What’s covered:

  • Where to go to create engaging video
  • Ways to be visible on screen
  • How to get set up without the tech!

Gift 3: 60 Minute Session with Jenny Kovacs

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This session includes:

  • A personal 60 minute strategy session with Jenny
  • Recorded via Zoom privately
  • Sent to you for your replay pleasure!

So that you get to keep your recording forever.

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Jenny, I don't have time!

Your time is precious, instead ask, “Am I ready to invest the time to stand out professionally?”

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I've been trying so hard, I can't try any harder!

On the strategy session, I’ll share the secret of how to use the 5 essential steps wisely especially bespoke to your situation!

I feel confused, There are lots of options

Don’t worry, we’ll pin it down for you!

I ONLY specialise in helping employed and self employed professionals who are ambitious, driven and academic to be visible. we’ve got this!

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Who am I

Jenny Kovacs.  Visibility Specialist, known as the Queen of Being Seen, and is a well-regarded speaker, mentor, coach, trainer and businesswoman.

⭐️ I regularly appear on BBC Radio throughout the UK and speak on the topic of professional visibility internationally. 

⭐️ Creator of the Visibility Activator System™, my five key pillars show you how to be visible, and ways to raise your professional profile. 

⭐️ My teachings have spanned well known corporations, brands, companies and 1000’s of clients delivered worldwide, both in person and online.

I genuinely look forward to meeting you!

Jenny Kovacs ~ The Queen of Being Seen


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Donation up to $50

Donation up to $100

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